Get Packing



Professional Organizers can pack and unpack your home for a major move and we also do other types of packing as well.

I’ve packed kids for College and Sleep-a-Way camp. I change over seasonal wardrobes and recently I packed a client going on a 3 week European vacation. Here are some tips for Vacation packing:

    • Do your homework-find out whats available at your destination. Towels, Hair Dryers, Washing Machines
    • Make a list- it’s the best way to guide you through the packing process
    • Pack outside the bag- lay your thing’s on a flat surface, eyeball everything and don’t take anything you may not wear
    • Roll your clothes
    • Buy mini sizes of toiletries when you can. Put saran wrap over the top of a liquid toiletry and re-cap it — it won’t leak
    • Put a dryer sheet in your luggage it keeps everything smelling fresh
    • Bring a Power strip
    • Use a shower cap to put over dirty soles of shoes.
    • Bring a Pillow case- you can stuff your jacket in it during your flight and have a great pillow. Later use it as a laundry bag.



 Whether it’s a move down the street or to a different state, Elliman clients benefit from the unmatched expertise of our relocation  specialists and the breadth of real estate and move related services Douglas Elliman has to offer.
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