Appliance Cleaning


Appliances can get pretty gross, cleaning regularly is important but if you don’t take the time to, do it right at least once a year.

Dishwasher: Clean the inside using baking soda and hot water. Use a spray bottle and wipe it clean with a Microfiber cloth. Take out the utensil basket and jostle it around to remove debris. And use Vinegar on a damp cloth to clean out the detergent dispenser and wipe down the spray arms.

Oven: Did you ever look at the exhausts above your cook top? OH MY it can be shocking. Remove them and soak them in a sink with hot water and Borax. Wipe clean with a sponge and buff them with a towel. Hopefully your oven is self-cleaning —run it and wipe with a damp cloth. I use my vacuum to clean up crumbs inside the unit. Last, refresh your racks put them in a garbage bag spray them with a degreasing cleaner, tie it closed let them sit for an hour then rinse them with hot soapy water.



Ah love this one. Empty it out, everything. Again, shocking how gross everything gets. 1st throw away anything expired and all foods you can’t attach a date to. I have a one-week rule.



take out the drawers, shelves everything and soak them in soapy water. Rinse and dry.



If you needed with a damp paper towel dipped in vanilla and dry again. Again, if you have crumbs in the drawers especially the freezer from breads or open packages take out the vacuum. Restock!

Your appliances will thank you for the extra attention