Organize Your Home with Bins



I love a bin obviously it’s one of my thing’s. 

My husband and I recently downsized to a smaller house. Our children are 30, 29, and 24 and all live in NYC.  It was time. We moved from 3400 sq. feet to 2200 sq. feet (still a good size-right?).

Well when we got into the new house I panicked. The biggest challenge was the kitchen. I unpacked everything , then broke out in a sweat. Where was everything going, even the refrigerator was considerably smaller.

Enter the BINS.  My refrigerator is furnished with Binz as they refer to them from InterDesign, clear plastic lazy susans, binz with handles, binz boxes, corner binz it’s endless and anyone who looks in our frig can see everything, no guessing where something is. Everything we had in the old frig fit perfectly in the new frig. It just continued on, the cabinets, under the sink. All like thing’s together and I actually have empty spots in the cabinets.

I did Elfa slide outs on tracks for the pots pans. It all came together. God love the BINS.

InterDesign is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, Home Goods, and TJ Max
Elfa is available at The Container Store