Selling In the Winter


Curb appeal still matters

• If the holidays are over, take down ALL the decorations, including outdoor lights. If it
snows, shovel the walkways for appearance and safety. Clear off the deck so people can
see all you have to offer. If there are leaves, bag them up and get rid of them.

Indoor maintenance

• People can’t focus as much attention on the outside, so the inside has to sparkle. If there
are projects you have been putting off, now is the time to get them done. Make sure there
are no drafts from windows or doors.

• Keep the heat at a comfortable temperature. If the buyer feels they need to keep two
sweaters on they will worry about the efficiency of your heating system.

Let There Be Light! And Lots Of It!

• It gets dark early in the winter and many people are not coming to see your house till
after work. If you need to, bring in more lighting. Let as much outside light in as you
can. Think bright and cheerful.

Home Décor
• After the holidays, put all the decorations away! Use some winter decorations
appropriate for January/February. But don’t over-do it.

• Have an area rug by the door where people can kick the snow off their boots so they
don’t feel awkward tracking snow all over your house.

• People love hardwood floors. Make sure they are clean and free of salt and grime.

• Make the most of the season to give your home a cozy welcoming feeling. Fireplace?
Have a nice fire going, stage some blankets on the sofa, put some cookies or pies in the
oven. Let people envision how nice your home would be to come home to.

Fewer buyers, but those that are out there are more motivated. Embrace the opportunity.