Tackle That Mess / Make Money / Embrace a List



It’s getting easier all the time to get rid of STUFF and stay ORGANIZED Apps and Websites are out there that are so easy to work anyone can do it.

Thread Up .com They will send you a shipping bag and pre-paid label. They confirm when they get your merchandise and will tell about what it will sell for.

Twice an App for used clothing 
Tradesy also a great App ( I hear they have a lot of LuLulemon)
Copious this App is for Clothing and furnishings
Let Go Sell anything on this App and they target customers in your Geograhic region, making pick up fast and easy

Project RePat this one is neat send clothes you may not want, or belonged to a loved, they will cut the fabric and create a quilt for you
Of course there is always E Bay and Craig’s List

Stay empowered by having a To Do list. Try– Anydo, Wunderlist, and RemembertheMilk (this one tracks your tasks by location) it’s a winner.